I am working as Senior Data Scientist at Tricog and working on deep learning for medical imaging. Previously, I worked at Abeja as Senior Data Scientist.

Themes that I have worked on :

  • Object detection for security and inspections.
  • Image Classification for various industial automations.
  • Generative Adversarial Nets(GANs) and Auto Encoder Modeling for research experimentation
  • Visual SLAM for 3D structure scanning and mapping for autonomous robots.

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I graduated in Information Science as M.Eng from NAIST with thesis in Robotics and Machine Learning. I did my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering from IITJ with projects in video object tracking on embedded platform.


I have published book in 2018 titled “Practical Computer Vision” by Packt Publishing. It covers basics of implementation and an abstract understanding of key concepts. The book uses older versions of TF and Keras so there might be issues with API changes. Students and early learners can get the benefit of reducing the cold start in learning.